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Sailing in the Seychelles

The typical image of the Seychelles are turquoise bays, white beaches, sparkling sea and the famous Coco de Mer nut. If you do want to see all this in the real world, then take a cruise in the Seychelles!

This unique paradise of the Seychelles counts 115 islands, divided into two geological groups, being the most remote of the world. The Inner Islands comprise 42 granite islands, all of them are close together, and the Outer Islands with 73 coral islands. Among the most famous islands are Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Due to be close to the equatorial region, a cruise is possible throughout the whole year.

Mahé, is the main island of the Inner Islands. You can find everything here: tropical rain forests, rock formations of granite and diving you can discover marvelous coral reefs. The island is a great sailing area and you can choose from 60 beaches, Beau Vallon Bay is one of the most popular ones – with white beach and deep sea for swimming and snorkeling.

The small islands lying off the coast of Mahé form the St. Anne Marine National Park, which is part of the natural and cultural heritage of the Seychelles. The National Marine Park is typical for the largest area of sea grass in these granitic islands.

Definitely you must make a stop at La Digue with your motor or sailing yacht. There are numerous anchorage grounds around. It´s considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the Seychelles with a vanilla plantation and an operating mill for the production of coconut oil. The monument you can´t overlook, is a mighty granite rock.

Situated on the beautiful tropical island of Praslin is the Vallee de Mai. It is the place of origin of the Coco de Mer nut, that was discovered here in the midst of wild animals and many rare plants.

The best way is to charter a yacht and sail around the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, so you can enjoy the full beauty of the islands with its granite wonders, the unique bird species and the many giant tortoises.

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