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Sailing in Italy

For sailing fans Italy offers a gorgeous coastline, idyllic beaches, beautiful bays and numerous small fishing ports and marinas, which make a sailor´s heart beat faster. The Italian lifestyle and culinary delights of course are not to be missed.

The coastline of Italy has a remarkable length of 7,600 km. Especially popular for yacht charter lovers are the islands of Sicily, Sardinia and Elba. Likewise the Amalfi Coast, the Gulf of Naples, Tuscany and the Ligurian Coast. Excellent yacht charter areas are the lagoons of Venice, Grado or a trip to Istria and Croatia.

Sicily – wonderfully green and very mountainous – is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Unforgettable is the view to the imposing Mount Etna on the Sicilian coast. With about 3,000 m hight the volcano, situated on the eastern side of the island, rises into the air. Sailors should enjoy the beautiful picturesque scenery and magnificent coastline, which Sicily and the surrounding archipelago offer. A trip to the Aeolian Islands is worth going, because of the small harbours and bays to explore, as well as the Aegean archipelago.

On board of a sailing or motor yacht the stunningly beautiful and varied sailing area around Sardinia can be explored best. The best starting points are the ports of Cagliari, Alghero and Olbia. The Tyrrhenian Sea and the open Mar di Sardegna are superb bathing spots and provide excellent conditions for a fantastic sailing area.

As part of the Tuscan Archipelago, Elba Island attracts yachtsmen with a varied and beautiful mountain scenery and coastline. Worth to be mentioned are the untouched nature and a wonderful sea.

Regarding the southern part, beach lovers should not miss the Bagnos and Italy yacht charter fans should not deprive themselves from the picturesque landscapes such as Apulia.

In the Gulf of Naples you find the islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida and the Pontine islands, all with their very special charm. Sailing lovers who adore as well volcanos should not neglect the opportunity to visit this archipelago consisting of 6 islands. They are considered as one of the most beautiful archipelago in the Mediterranean.

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