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Sailing around the Cape Verde Islands

The Cape Verde islands lie off the coast of Africa and yacht adventurers will enjoy the tour with a sailing trip.

This archipelago consists of 15 islands, of which 9 are inhabited and 6 are uninhabited. They are divided into two groups: the North and the South group Islands above and below the wind. The inhabited islands are: Brava, Fogo, Santiago, Maio, Boa Vista Sal, Sao Nicolau, Sao Vicente and Santo Antao.

Being located in the trade wind belt the wind can blow violently between islands. During the summer months, however, sailors can enjoy their trip in a relatively quiet location. The sailing area Cape Verde has a lot to offer: many undiscovered coves and miles of sandy beaches in a diverse island area. Do not hesitate as a yacht charter fan and embark on a journey that connects challenge and beauty.

The western islands consist of high volcanoes and mountains, Maio, Boa Vista and Sal are reigned by flat deserts and dunes mostly.

Santo Antao is the largest island and is located northwest of Sao Vicente. Here you can take a walking tour passing the peaks, gorges, forests and valleys.

On the flat salt island of Sal there are several large hotels, not usual on any of the other Cape Verde Islands.

Santa Lucia is a very scenic island, though uninhabited worth seeing, and therefore is often used as a small stopover, to proceed to the agricultural island of Sao Nicolau with its black beaches.

A special African flair can be experienced in Boavista, with desert landscapes and pristine beaches, and your tour should not leave undiscovered the island of Fogo, because it is the top of a volcano that rises out of the sea. The top you can climb best, when you make a stop at the port of Porto do Mosteiros. From there you have an unique view over the whole island.

In the Cape Verde Islands you get to know contrasts: endless, beautiful beaches and sloping coastal areas with deep canyons. Set your sails!

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