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Charter Options

Charter Options

Before each charter trip you have to decide about three essential question: Where would you like to cruise? Which yacht type should it be? And do you plan a bareboat charter, a charter with skipper – or with a complete crew? When selecting the appropriate cruising are we will be glad to help. The yacht type depends mainly on personal preferences and the available budget. Regarding skipper or crew:

Bareboat charter

In nearly all cruising areas, charterers who want to rent their yacht bareboat need a ailing certificate, a motor boat license and sometime SRC / VHF licence. Some experience is always required. The advantage: there are no strangers aboard, daily routine and cruise planning depend absolutely on the charterer’s decisions.

Charter with skipper

All yachts that are rented bareboat, can of course also be booked with an experienced skipper. The advantage: the skipper knows the local conditions and is responsible for seamanship. Of course, as long as the safety requirements are met, he will plan the course and daily routine together with the guests. Important. the skipper needs his own cabin. Even for sailors do not yet have a lot of experience, a charter with skipper is recommended

Crewed charter

Charter with full crew is a very relaxed holiday with maximum comfort and service. The captain will take care of the ship, on larger yachts supported by of an engineer, boatswain, etc. – cook and stewardesses will care for delicious meals and good service …. and the wishes of the guests always come first. On larger boats, the crew takes care of the water sports equipment as well!